Diary / Wellness / Sep 26, 2022

The 5 Supplements to Take Right Now

Written by: Lauren Slayton

Photography by: Jon Paterson & Sarah Elliot

People say nutrition advice changes all the time and that it’s confusing. But, aside from the wackadoo suggestions, there are healthy basics we can all agree on. Greens are good, so are sane portions and water. Bread isn’t the best but we all really wish it were. However, an area that’s still totally mystifying is vitamins. You don’t need to pop handfuls of pills but, even if you eat well, there are certain supplements to consider. Here are my Foodtrainers’ top 5.


Magnesium is a game changer. This mineral is a metabolism changer, poop changer, hormone changer, sleep changer and headache changer. If you don’t need assistance in any of these areas, you probably don’t need nutritional advice. But it’s also good for heart and bone health and, chances are, you have a heart and bones so read on. Magnesium citrate is a fantastic form of the mineral, I suggest clients have some Natural Calm before bed. A little insider tip, the watermelon flavor is amazing.


Chlorella might be on your radar, it might not be. It’s an algae similar to the superfood spirulina. If you eat fish or drink alcohol, consider chlorella. Chlorella binds metals, such as mercury and arsenic, and helps your liver detox. For these reasons, if you’re someone who eats more than a few fish meals a week or likes a cocktail (Bobbi?) I’d get your hands on these pretty green pellets. Chlorella is also a good source of iron, if you tend to run low, with none of the unfortunate side effects iron supplements have.


Probiotics are a confusing topic unto themselves. Are the refrigerated versions superior? What are all those different Latin-named cultures and what are probiotics good for? Your intestinal tract is like a control panel for your body. The majority of your serotonin is produced in the gut, so probiotics boost your mood. The research is young but our food cravings are also affected by our gut health, probiotics help with sweet cravings. That good bacteria is also crucial for your immunity, especially during cold and flu season. And an important note for ladies on the Pill. The Pill (a whole other topic) messes with your GI real estate. You definitely need a good probiotic supplement if you’re on it.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D may be on your radar in terms of bone health. That’s good but did you know that when your vitamin D is low, your appetite is higher? Or, your mood suffers? And vitamin D is a precursor for melatonin. Low D = sleep challenges. Yup. And even if your MD told you “your level is normal”, normal means you will not have a deficiency or rickets (nobody gets rickets anymore). Optimal, for the reasons I mentioned, is higher than that. In NYC and similar latitudes, you get no vitamin D, from the sun, from November to March. I suggest doubling your vitamin D3 intake for these months.

Silicon and choline

Since this list is for Bobbi’s site, I had to include a beauty vitamin. While I’m a firm believer that diet, sleep and hydration can transform the way you look and “glow”, there are a couple of nutrients difficult to get, even with a healthy eating regime. I have no connection to this company, (Christie Brinkley does and look at her) but Biosil uses a research-supported form of choline and silica. It’s anecdotal but our clients have great success with this formulation for their skin, hair and nails. As a fine-haired female, I can attest to this. The bottom line is that there are nutrients that can stimulate collagen and keratin and therefore give our “outsides” a boost.

I’m often asked about multivitamins. For the most part, I prefer a la carte supplementation, where you can pick and choose what you need. A multi gives you a tiny amount of many things but really, your diet should be able to do that.

Diary / Wellness / Sep 26, 2022

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