Here Are 5 Jones Road Products That Are Great For Mature Skin

Several swatches of Miracle Balm in different colors


Miracle Balm

Miracle Balm is skincare meets makeup. Packed with ingredients like Jojoba Oil, this provides moisture and color that gives the skin a healthy looking glow.


What The Foundation

WTF is foundation meets tinted moisture balm. Also containing Jojoba Oil, WTF provides moisture with light to medium coverage to give your skin a "your skin on it's best day" look every day.

A woman applying the Lip & Cheek Stick from Jones Road Beauty


Lip And Cheek Stick

If you have mature skin, Bobbi reccomends you skip the powder blush and use a cream blush. Lip and Cheek Stick can be used on both the lips and cheeks, like the name saya.


Light Moisture Cream

Step 1 is always to moisturize. This moisturizer has been specifically created to work with Jones Road Beauty products to give a light layer of moisture without feeling oily.


The Face Pencil

Covers redness and dark spots in an instant, because we could all use some help with those.