Here Are 5 Reasons Why This Is The Best Mascara You'll Ever Try


It's Clean And Cruelty Free

We thought a clean mascara that met the pickiest makeup-artist standards was impossible. It's not. We follow strict guidelines to eliminate over 2,700 potentially harmful ingredients from our formulas.


No Flaking or Smudging

We've all been there with mascara that smudges. Our formula is designed to be longlasting and healthy for your lashes, all while helping you look like your best self. With ingredients like Vitamin E and Sodium Hyaluronate, you can have a great look with assurance you're taking care of your lashes.


Created by Bobbi Brown herself

Bobbi has done it again. Bobbi was adamant on having an inky, ultra-pigmented black mascara that is clean, cruelty-free, and conditioning. We like to call this the fundamental mascara, and she delivered.


Offers the Ideal Volume Without Being Clumpy

Separates, lifts, and volumizes lashes in one fell swoop. Use a little to keep it natural. Layer to go bold. Bobbi recommends using your index finger to push your lashes upward. Hold for a moment and release for a bright-eyed look without an eyelash curler.


We had a waitlist of 10,000+

Yes, it's true. More than 10,000 signed up on a waitlist, so when our mascara returned so they can be first to experience another proven product in the Jones Road line.

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