Mollye showing her favorite shade of Miracle Balm The different shades available for Miracle Balm by Jones Road Beauty

5 Reasons Why You Will Love Miracle Balm


Miracle Balm is versatile and easy to use.

Once you break the seal to maximize color payoff, all you need is your fingers to apply. It’s truly a fool-proof product.


Shade matching is seamless.

Enhance your shopping experience and overall look with the help of our shade matching quiz. Created by Bobbi, this quiz is specifically designed to make choosing your perfect shade much easier.


This is your one and done product.

Miracle Balm can be worn alone, or can be mixed together to bronze, highlight, and tint. With just one product, you'll create a refreshed and glowy look. Perfect for on the go!

A woman applying Jones Road Beauty's Miracle Balm


Makeup can serve as skincare, and Miracle Balm serves as a hybrid of the two.

Who said makeup and skincare can't co-exist? With jojoba oil as the star ingredient, Miracle Balm is healthy for your skin. Packed with essential oils, your skin will thank you later.

Jones Road Beauty Founder, Bobbi Brown, sitting on a blue couch


Designed by Bobbi Brown

Bobbi's years of preaching 'No makeup, makeup look' is encapsulated in Miracle Balm. With just one use you'll realize where the name came from.

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