Cool Gloss
A swatch of Cool Gloss, a tinted lip gloss from Jones Road Beauty, in the shade Pink Gold Shimmer.

Cool GlossHigh Shine

(14ml / 0.47 fl. oz)

Clean / Cruelty Free

Pink Gold Shimmeris pink with gold shimmer

30-Day Guarantee

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The task: build a better lip gloss. The result: an evolution of the form.

Lightweight and ultra-moisturizing, Cool Gloss melts into lips to plump and awaken with natural peppermint. Never tacky, sticky, or heavy, Cool Gloss goes on and feels good.

Can also be tapped onto cheeks for tint and high shine.

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Cool Gloss

  • Cool Gloss Pink Gold Shimmer
  • Cool Gloss Golden Shimmer
  • Cool Gloss Mocha Shimmer
  • Cool Gloss Nude Beige
  • Cool Gloss Pastel Pink
  • Cool Gloss Peony
  • Cool Gloss Rosy
  • Cool Gloss Great Red
  • Cool Gloss Original
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What shade is best for my skin tone?


All shades are universal. For a pop of color, go with Boysenberry or Poppy Red.


Why does the product separate sometimes?


It’s common to see a bit of separation in a colored gloss that’s clean/natural.


I don’t like the peppermint oil in this product


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