Diary / Beauty / Sep 26, 2022

4 Ways to Wear Jones Road The Best Pencil

Written by: Bobbi

Photography by: Ben Ritter

A good eyeliner should be versatile. You should be able to create a number of looks without having to use multiple products. This is where The Best Pencil comes in. Formulated to be as easy to blend as it is to keep crisp, it’s ultra opaque and glides on like a dream. If you want to keep your look soft, use your finger or a brush to smudge it. If you want a bolder look, and for a bit of style, line with a flick at the outer corner. No matter your style, this pencil works. Here are four ways to use The Best Pencil:

Everyday Definition

Start at the outside of your eye on the upper lash line. Follow the base of the lashes, as close to the lashline as you can, working your way towards your nose. When you finish, close the eye you’re working on and fill in any spots where your lid shows through. This is my go-to with a coat or two of The Mascara.

Modern Smokey Eye

Use the pencil to line the eye as close to the lashes as possible — make it dense and dramatic. Softly smudge with your finger. Add another line, almost all the way to the inner corner of the eye, and smudge again. For a less intense look, use a brown pencil for the first line and black for the second. To make this look modern, make sure you keep your foundation light — use a light base shade in your correct skin tone.

Metallic Moment

Straight from the runway, the silver can be used generously on the inner corner, and the top and bottom lashlines. And it’s way cool on the lid, smudged over — it’s got a luminescent silver hue and is so reflective.

Bold Statement

This pencil is dense enough to create a cat eye — in one swoop — with a flick of the wrist. Always apply starting from the outer corner of the eye, moving all the way across the upper lash line to the inner corner. Make the line thinner as you move toward the inner corner. For the wing, extend the line from the outer corner so that it goes up and out into a point. How long you make it is up to you, just make sure both eyes mirror each other.

Diary / Beauty / Sep 26, 2022

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