Diary / Beauty / Sep 26, 2022

All About Emsculpt for Arms

Written by: Anjali Kumar

In her column for Just Bobbi, author, advisor and attorney Anjali Kumar is willing to try anything in the name of wellness (at least once).

I had big plans for quarantine. I was going to channel all of that stress into getting back into shape. Daily hikes, virtual yoga and pilates classes a few times a week, throw in regular strength training with the weights I had been smart enough to buy years ago but had forgotten and found hidden under the sofa but I totally planned to use just as soon as this next episode of Schitt's Creek was over...

And before I knew it, six months went by. And, well, I didn't do as much hiking as I planned. And after a brief streak, daily yoga and pilates fell by the wayside. And the weights? Well, they are still collecting dust under my sofa.

Best laid plans.

But then I found myself going down an RBG rabbit hole after her passing (RIP), and seeing images of her lifting weights in her 80s wearing her Super Diva sweatshirt, I was inspired to give it another go. I figured I could benefit from a little jumpstart...

Enter Emsculpt.

Emsculpt uses electromagnetic energy to target muscles and induce what are called supramaximal contractions. By working out the muscles at rates far greater than is possible with regular exercise, Emsculpt is able to encourage growth and strengthening of muscle tissue.

While often used for abs and bums, it can also be used for your arms and is the only FDA approved device to burn fat and build muscle in the arms and safely and steadily increase body strength

The team strapped small paddles on to my arms, first biceps for about 30 minutes and then triceps, and the machine went to work. It was a cycle of intense tapping and buzzing, at times jerking my arms involuntarily but steadily. Not painful, but definitely a strange sensation. Over the course of 4 treatments in a two week period, Emsculpt was the equivalent to 20,000 bicep curls and tricep presses. Definitely way more efficient than 16 weeks at the gym.

The results? While sore the day after each treatment (feeling like I had done an intense arm workout) there was no lingering discomfort. And while I didn't see immediate muscle tone appear, I definitely felt stronger almost immediately. Like picking up a giant box that definitely was too heavy for me two weeks ago with ease stronger. It was undeniable.

Am I as strong as RBG? Probably not. Am I on my way to being a Super Diva? I think I might be.

Emsculpt is available at Skinney Medspa, 125 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10003

Diary / Beauty / Sep 26, 2022

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