Diary / Beauty / Sep 26, 2022

Bobbi's Holiday Makeup Looks

Written by: Bobbi

I was thrilled to join my friend, Wendy Williams, on her show this morning and share three different holiday make up looks you can do at home with products from my new makeup collection, Jones Road. Here are the products I used to get each look.

Deja: All About Eyes

While we may be masked most of the time right now, our eyes can still make a dramatic statement. Here’s what I used on Deja to get the look:

Just A Sec eyeshadow in Bronze on the lid.

Sparkle Wash in So Pretty to add a little sparkle on the lid.

The Best Pencil in Black on top lash line and The Best Pencil in Brown on lower lash line. Note: I also used a bit of brown eyeliner on the lid as a shadow and blended it.

A few coats of The Mascara in Pitch Black.

Brow Pencil (coming soon) to really accentuate the brows.

Jeanne: Giving Skin That Perfect Holiday Glow

The Miracle Balm is truly the hero product in the Jones Road collection because is moisturizing, full of natural, good-for-you ingredients and it’s multi-purpose and can be used anywhere you need a little extra glow. Here’s what I used on Jeanne:

Skin I used Miracle Balm in Dusty Rose and Au Naturel on Jeanne's cheeks. I mixed the two together and then blended a little on her cheek bones to give an extra lift.

Eyes Miracle Balm in Dusty Rose was also used on her eyelids, and topped with the Sparkle Wash in Ice.

Lips I used the Miracle Balm in Dusty Rose to add some natural color on the lip. Finish it off with some Cool Gloss in Original.

Susana: The Perfect Holiday Zoom Party Look

A pop of color on the lip can immediately transform your everyday work from home makeup routine into a festive party look. Here’s what I used on Susana to create a dramatic beauty look that’s perfect for the season, no matter how or where you’re celebrating:

Skin Miracle Balm in Dusty Rose on the cheeks and Miracle Balm in Au Naturel to add moisture all over. I added Just A Sec in Icy Pink to the cheek bone as a highlighter.

Eyes I used the Brow Pencil to accentuate her strong brow. Just A Sec in linen on the brow bone followed by Just A Sec in Icy Pink all over the lid.

Add The Best Pencil on the top and bottom lash line and tons of The Mascara in Pitch Black.

Lips Cool Gloss in Poppy Red on the lips, topped off with some Sparkle Wash in Cool Pink.

Diary / Beauty / Sep 26, 2022

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