Diary / Beauty / Oct 24, 2022

Ask a Dermatologist: Your Questions, Answered

Written by: Bobbi, In Partnership with Tweezerman

Photography by: Ben Ritter

A few weeks ago, Tweezerman asked me to sit down with dermatologist (and Jones Road model) Dr. Leena Ramani to talk about all things skin care, hair removal, and more. Below, she answers a few of your most pressing questions! 

What order is sunscreen in your skin care routine?

The last step in your skincare routine, but before you apply makeup. Serum, eye cream and moisturizer, and then sunscreen. 

When should you tweeze your eyebrows? And how?

You hear so many different things when it comes to hair removal. You want to start by washing your face with warm water to open up the pores (hot water will dry out the skin), and pull hair in the direction of the hair growth. You can also tweeze right after a warm shower. 

What is the benefit of tweezing versus shaving?

With tweezing, you’re only focusing on the individual hair. With shaving, you run the risk of irritating the skin around the hair. 

How do you deal with ingrown hairs?

First: don’t dig! You are better off using an acne treatment or cleanser to help relieve the ingrown hair. 

Is there a safe way to deal with a zit?

You can use the Tweezerman No-Slip Skincare Tool for extracting a whitehead or blackhead. Wash your hands before use and wash skin with a gentle cleanser. Use the small end for blackheads and the larger size can be used if you have a bigger zit with a whitehead. If you don’t see the bump on top, leave it alone. If you pick before the zit has come to head, you’ll only risk scaring.

Is there a way to deal with clogged pores?

The Pore Prep Tool is used to help do exactly that. Our pores produce oil and sebum, which are naturally released through the skin, but when the pores get clogged, this will help you physically remove the sebum from your pores. The smaller side is great for delicate areas like around the nose and the larger size on the forehead.

Why is cleaning your tools important?

You want to reduce the risk of transferring bacteria, so clean your tweezers after each use. The great thing about the Tweezerman tools is that they’re stainless steel, so they’re easy to clean with alcohol wipes.

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Diary / Beauty / Oct 24, 2022

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