Diary / Beauty / Sep 26, 2022

How to Get the Perfect Smokey Eye Look

Written by: Bobbi

Photography by: Ben Ritter

I have always loved a smudged, smokey eyeliner look. It looks cool and it’s simple to achieve. Here’s how to get Sparky’s downtown cool look:


I started by evening out Sparky’s skin using Face Pencils. I used Shade 7 to even out any redness around the nose, mouth and chin, and cover any spots. Under the eyes, I went with a lighter shade (always do this!) and used Shade 5 to cover any darkness. These pencils blend so well, which makes it really easy to use different shades together.

To give her skin that glow, I applied Miracle Balm in Au Naturel and added Dusty Rose to her cheeks. These two colors work well together to highlight and add color.


Next, it is all about the eyes. I wanted to capture that downtown vibe, so I started with The Best Eyeshadow in Dark Brown (coming soon) all over her lids and applied Just A Sec in Bronze on top. Starting with a base of eyeshadow helps to lock in the pencil, especially if you have oily lids.

To get the smokey look, I used The Best Pencil in Brown and lined the eye, staying close to the lash line and then smudged the line with my finger. I repeated this step and smudged again. Next, I took the pencil and smudged lightly at the lower lash line, making sure the line on top was heavier. You can keep adding and smudging as far up the eyelid as you want — it’s all about your eye shape and style. For deep-set eyes, I recommend going up higher to help open up the eyes.

I finished with The Best Pencil in Black, lining close to the lash line for uber definition.

I used a brow pencil to fill in any sparse areas of Sparky’s brows, still keeping them looking natural. I added three coats of The Mascara and used my fingers to hold the lashes up and give them a curl. You can also just use pencils to create the same kind of smokey gradient — try The Best Pencil in Black and Navy together or Black and Brown.

If you notice any smearing while you’re smudging your liner, it’s a sign that you either have too much eye cream on or that you need to apply a shadow first or after to help lock the pencil in place.


I wanted to keep her lips natural, so I used a Face Pencil to neutralize the color and applied Miracle Balm in Au Naturel on top.

Diary / Beauty / Sep 26, 2022

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