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Bobbi Answers Your Concealer, Liner and Mascara Questions

Written by: Bobbi

My DMs are always full of beauty questions, so I wanted to take some time to answer them for you all here. Have a question you want answered? Send a DM to @jonesroadbeauty.

How do I conceal under eye darkness?

There is no one size fits all undereye concealer. It's important to pay attention to hydration and how you feel. If you're tired, your skin is probably drier and you need to use more eye cream and a creamy concealer formula, like The Face Pencil. Find the combination and formula that works for your skin.

When it comes to shades, look for a pencil that is one shade lighter than your skin tone. Use your fingers or a brush to apply it to the undereye area and then blend using your fingers. If it isn’t bright enough, use one in a pinky or peach tone in the darkest area on top of your regular shade. Tap the product gently into your skin to give it a natural finish.

Should I choose my eyeliner color based off of my eye color?

There’s no need to — all colors of The Best Pencil work on all types of coloring so you can choose depending on your preference and style.

For green eyes, I’d recommend the following, in order: Brown, Black, Silver, Navy.

For blue eyes, I’d recommend the following, in order: Navy, Black, Brown, Silver.

For brown eyes, I’d recommend the following, in order: Brown, Black, Navy, Silver.

Is there a correct way to apply mascara?

Always use an inky jet black mascara, even if you have blonde eyelashes. In general, I love mascara that is thick and layered. The top should be more intense than bottom lashes. To use, take the brush out of the tube and make sure you have enough product on the brush, but that it doesn’t look “clumped.” Dab the wand on tissue if there is too much. Apply from underneath and gently roll up the lashes. Don’t ever put it on the topside of lashes or it will drag down the eye. Apply two more coats before the mascara dries fully. Let it dry completely on top before you apply to the bottom lashes.

If your mascara smudges, it’s probably because you have on too much eye cream or have naturally oily lids. You can also use a powder shadow before applying mascara to keep the oils at bay, if needed.

Diary / Beauty / Sep 26, 2022

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