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Brown Eyeliner: 5 Looks from Beauty Experts

Written by: Jones Road Beauty

Photography by: Ben Ritter & Jon Paterson

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While black eyeliner may be the traditional go-to for most people—and it’s a popular pick for good reason (we’ve always believed black eyeliner and black mascara is a combo anyone can wear)—brown eyeliner looks should definitely have a place in your beauty arsenal. Brown eyeliner is a super versatile pick that lends itself to a variety of looks, especially if you’re new to the world of eyeliner. 

It can create a more natural palette for people with fair complexions and hair to play with on a day-to-day look or allow you to experiment with a little more blendability for bolder eye looks. Whether you’re already familiar with brown eyeliner or are looking for a subtle yet impactful way to mix up your daily beauty routine, this article is for you. 

How to Prep Your Eyes

Before you apply eyeliner, your eyelids need to be neither dry, nor oily.

Are they flakey or showing other telltale signs of uncomfortable dryness? Top the lids with a very light layer of Eye Cream. (Very light.) Oily? We recommend using The Best Eyeshadow in Cream as a priming foundation. Then apply your liner and then The Best Eyeshadow in BCITW or Dark Brown to set it, before any other colors and shimmers. 

If transferring becomes an issue, take care that Eye Cream hasn’t migrated to your lids, or if you used it above the eye area as an overnight mask, make sure it has fully absorbed or you wipe it off.

If that happens and your look has spread or smeared, wait for it to dry. Gently turn a dry cotton swab to grab the extra or misplaced product. (If it’s wet, the swab can smudge or drag the error.)

Now, The Best Brown Eyeliner

There are gel liners, liquid liners, and even marker-style liners. But sometimes, you just can't beat the classics: a pencil liner, for instance. Newbies and experts alike love pencils because not only does everyone know how to work a pencil, but the grip and formula also make it easy to control the pressure. Keep a light but firm hand for a precise line, or hold down a bit more firmly to activate a thicker, less precise line that lends itself to smudging.

We’re partial to ours: The Best Pencil, especially in Brown, a deep chocolate accented with subtle gold pearls. 

And this isn't just about color payoff. We've packed it with vitamin E to help support the skin barrier. You’ll enjoy how iit glides on smooth, too. 

You don’t have to use an actual eyeliner as eyeliner though. There are ways to use eyeshadow as liner, which is lovely and easy to achieve, too.

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1. Smokey Brown Eye

A smokey eye is a look for everyone, but you can modify it so it’s less potent if you don’t want to do anything too dramatic. That's where our brown shades come into play. Pair the pencil liner with The Best Eyeshadow in Dark Brown. (Shadow first, then liner.) It’s matte and buildable, so it’s easily diffusible.

Apply it close to the lash line and blend upwards. You'll notice the richness of the brown creates a solid base, adding depth to the eyes without overwhelming them. Follow with a shimmer like Patina, a brown-olive shade with a sheer gold finish. 

Now it’s time for eyeliner. Pencil on a loose layer, moving slowly and jaggedly. This way you also don’t have to be concerned with staying steady and precise; you want a thicker line that you can smudge with your finger so it’s better if it’s not perfect. 

This will give your eyes definition and make the lashes appear fuller. 

2. A Natural Daytime Look

When you want to keep things simple but still look put-together, eyeliner is incredibly helpful in achieving this natural approach. 

Start by applying a base eyeshadow to make your eyes pop without overwhelming them. Our Peachy Nude shade is great for warm undertones, while Antique Rose complements cooler complexions. 

From here, keep the eyeliner thin and close to the lashline. (Consider even tightlining to keep things ultra natural.) Start at the outer corner of the eye, working your way to the inner corner. This is our standard approach, particularly when you want to keep the line light and precise. 

This creates an understated look that opens up your eyes and offers definition without being too dramatic. You're not going for a bold statement here; you're accentuating what you already have.

To round out the look, if you're in the mood for a bit more color, try our Lip and Cheek Stick in Mauve Rose or Chocolate Mocha. These shades can add a soft flush to your cheeks or a hint of hue to your lips. Featuring castor seed oil, these sticks are moisturizing and easy to apply, giving you a natural glow that complements your low-key eye makeup.

3. Cat-Eye With Some Glimmer

The cat-eye is always timeless and suits everyone. With brown eyeliner, you can attain a wing that is complemented beautifully with a touch of sparkle on the lids, moving up to the brow bone.

This is where our Sparkle Wash comes in. In five distinct shades, the liquid glitter eyeshadow can go as soft or intense as you like. Don’t be afraid to go dial up on the shimmer on the lids, adjusting your grip so you layer on a lighter wash when you reach the brow bone.

4. Evening Drama

Sometimes, the night calls for a look that's a step above the everyday. On such occasions, opt for a look that's dramatic yet approachable. This looks is centered around our brown eyeliner, of course. A thick line along the upper lash adds definition, while the subtle sparkle of gold pearl infuses the eyes with an inner light.

Apply The Best Eyeshadow in a neutral closest to your skin tone as a base and then apply liner—not too precisely, and don’t worry about keeping the line thin, the key is to steer clear of anything too delicate, but don’t get too heavy-handed. When you’ve reached the right amount, you’ll know.

You can keep the line even or blend it out with your fingers.

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5. No-Makeup Eyeliner

The no-makeup makeup look is appealingly low-maintenance and key to it are healthy-looking eyes.

Eyeliner is a tool for the everyday even though it sometimes has a fussy reputation; with a brown eyeliner pencil, that’s certainly not the case. We’ve demonstrated how it’s easy to apply and wear for all occasions (it’s perfect for the workplace too), but taking another step to incorporate it into the freshest look of all is something everyone can benefit from.

It’s crucial to make sure your liner is simply lining, not dramatizing a look with a smudged wash of color or cat-eye. Getting the hang of a truly natural, close-to-the-line application may take some work but the payoff is enormous.

Pair with groomed brows for the ultimate cohesive look.

Eyeing the Finish Line

Brown eyeliner invites you to explore a whole world of beauty possibilities. From the ethereal allure of a natural daytime look to the eye-catching drama of an evening out, it’s a tool of many trades.

Our eyeshadows and eyeliners, enriched with nourishing ingredients like Vitamin E and Castor Seed Oil, are more than just makeup. They also help to nourish your skin so you can feel good about what you’re putting on your face, even when you’re looking for a full makeup look that requires many layers. 

Brown eyeliner can be a gateway to an expressive, confident you. Our brown eyeliner, particularly, whether you’re dressing it up or down, provides the perfect balance of definition and subtlety. 

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Diary / Beauty / Apr 22, 2024

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