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5 Date Night Makeup Looks to Look Your Best

Written by: Piper Gray

Photography by: Ben Ritter

A Jones Road Beauty model

Date nights offer the perfect opportunity to explore different facets of your style, allowing you to create a look that truly expresses who you are. Whether you're a fan of the classic red lip or a minimalist with an affinity for earth tones, there is always room to experiment with your makeup, all while keeping your skin's health and radiance at the forefront. 

Healthy skin is at the center of a good makeup look, especially for that special date night. Makeup should enhance your natural beauty, feel good on your skin, and align with your personal style. 

To help you embrace these principles, we’ve put together a list of our favorite date night makeup looks so that you can head out on your next romantic rendezvous feeling confident, beautiful, and totally yourself.

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1. Colorful Lips

A pop of color on your lips is an incredibly powerful tool in your makeup arsenal. It's expressive and fun and allows for a bold statement without requiring extensive preparation or elaborate techniques. While this isn’t a natural or subtle look, you can take a few steps to create balance with the rest of your look to ensure your bright lip remains the standout feature.

Start your makeup application with a light base, focusing on enhancing your skin's complexion rather than masking it. Available in 12 shades, our What The Foundation is the ideal alternative to a more intensive, full-coverage foundation. It evens out any signs of discoloration and delivers radiant hydration so your complexion looks like your skin on its best day.

Keep your eyes equally simple for this look. Think neutral eye makeup in soft, muted shades—The Best Eyeshadow comes in eight matte hues—that complement your skin tone without taking attention away from your lip color. 

If you’re keen to apply eyeliner, keep it light, aiming simply to define your eyes, not to dramatize. (Our Best Pencil is ultra-glidable for just that purpose.) Lastly, a coat of The Mascara will impart a classic polish to your lashes.

Now, for your lip color: choose a lipstick that encapsulates your mood for the night. This could be a vibrant pink for a light and playful appearance, a classic red that exudes elegance, or even a darker, enigmatic color for sultry confidence. For an impactful pout, we recommend The Lip Tint—it’s buildable and moisturizing so you won’t be preoccupied with touch-ups over dinner. For extra shine and excitement, top with Cool Gloss in a color that best matches your selected base layer.

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2. A Classic Smokey Eye

A smokey eye is timeless — it's captivating and versatile, adaptable to all skin tones. 

Your face makeup should be neutral and understated when creating a smokey eye, as the eyes will be the main focus of your look. Apply a layer of What The Foundation to even out and color correct your complexion; the coverage will be light but you can build. It’s important that your features stay soft to balance out the tonal allure of your smokey eye.

Start with a dark, rich eyeshadow, beginning at your lash line and gradually blend upwards towards your crease, creating a gradient effect. Next, use an eyeliner pencil to define your eyes—and don’t worry about being too precise. You can apply The Best Pencil in a thick line, but you’ll want to smudge and soften it so the line seamlessly blends in with the shadow. Last step: intensify your lashes and add depth to your look with a couple of coats of The Mascara.

The smokey eye requires a delicate balance of intensity and softness so if, once your eyes are done, you think you could add a little color to liven up your complexion, blend in a bit of our Lip and Cheek Stick to your cheeks, and even a gentle swipe to your lips to pull it all together.

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3. Healthy and Glowy

This look embraces your healthy complexion and magnifies your natural glow.  

Start with sheer coverage, applying a light layer of WTF and then using The Face Pencil to spot conceal only signs of redness or blemishes. For additional evening out, Tinted Face Powder will provide extra color correction and set your base layers. 

From there, pinks and golds are the color palette you want to stick with. Together they warm up your complexion—playing off of your healthy-looking skin and playing up your innate youthful glow. The result is spirited and lit-from-within.

Rosy, gleaming cheeks are the key to this look. The Best Blush in a ladylike pink topped with Miracle Balm and Shimmer Face Oil is a dynamic combination that doesn’t overpower or appear childish. 

Shimmery eyes drive home the glow, thanks to two of our favorites. Just a Sec is a weightless wash of color for your eyelids with plenty of luminosity. Apply as little or as much as you want for your eye base, and then top with Sparkle Wash for illumination that dazzles.

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4. Think Pink

Even if you don’t find yourself wearing much pink in your wardrobe, this ultra-feminine color is versatile and flatters anyone’s skin tone or personal taste. 

The answer to a flirty look that’s ladylike and not girlish relies on two things: polished brows and a pair of glossy lips and flushed cheeks, in a uniform color. 

Smooth out brows with a swipe of The Brow Gel and then focus on adding in a vibrant hue of Lip and Cheek Stick. From there, layer on a wash of the light-reflecting Miracle Balm.

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5. Elevated Natural

A no-makeup makeup look is the ultimate display of confidence. This approach takes natural to the next level with a glowy complexion, groomed brows, and a neutral but shiny lip.

It’s not about full coverage, just the right amount, and then adding a little bronzer for warmth. Even out skin tone and target imperfections with WTF and The Face Pencil, then apply Tinted Face Powder as needed to set your base layer.

 Whether you opt for a powder bronzer or gel bronzer, a little can go a long way, so focus on warming up the places where the sun would naturally hit your face—your cheeks, nose, and forehead. 

Lastly, smooth on Cool Gloss in a shimmery neutral.

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Easy Makeup for Easy Confidence

Navigating the world of date night makeup looks should be fun as it's an opportunity to explore your personal style and express your individuality. With Jones Road Beauty, you’ll be prepared for the evening ahead with effortless options that make you feel confident and comfortable. 

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