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How To Enhance Your Freckles With Makeup

Written by: Piper Gray

Photography by: Ben Ritter

A Jones Road Beauty model

Freckles are a testament to your individuality and these unique skin characteristics should be embraced, not concealed. So if you’ve been covering your freckles, consider leveraging them as a statement of your personality rather than a feature to hide.

Your makeup should support, enhance, complement, and not hide your freckles. By carefully choosing products and shades that work harmoniously with your freckles, you'll allow them to take center stage where they belong.

Let's dive into the principles of makeup application that will highlight your freckles, maintaining the delicate balance between enhancement and concealment. 

1) Before everything else: SPF. And then repeat.

If applying sunscreen isn’t already a part of your morning routine, make it one. And then incorporate reapplying throughout the day into your daily to-dos.

It’s hardly a revelation that inadequate protection from the sun contributes to a myriad of issues: wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, age spots, not to mention painful sunburns, and even skin cancer. Sun damage can lead to more freckles, which, while we’re pro-freckles, we don’t want to encourage any signs of sun exposure.

Look for a high SPF, limit your time outside during the day when the sun is strongest, and consider a hat that adequately covers your face. (This last one is especially important if you’re using retinol or other products that promote cellular turnover and, in turn, may cause skin sensitivity.)

Health concerns aside, using suitable SPF supports an even skin tone—incredibly important to help you reach a healthy-looking complexion.

2) Nourish your skin

Taking care of your skin supports an even skin tone and youthful texture, which are the foundation for a naturally glowing complexion. 

And taking care of it starts on the inside, so make sure you’re drinking plenty of water and get enough sleep. We’re all familiar with how a bout of tossing and turning can show up on our face the next day…and then how too much caffeine to remedy that sleeplessness continues the cycle. It can be tough to break, but achieving more rest is a worthy goal.

Routinely cleansing is the next step. Even if your skin is dry or you’re not wearing makeup, get in the habit of removing the day’s grime with a gentle cleanser, like our Cleansing Stick. Clean skin will encourage a more even texture and smooth appearances and, of course, is less likely to stay free from blemishes

Gentle exfoliation is also important—key word gentle. Exfoliating, whether physical or chemical, will smooth away dry skin, optimizing your complexion—and freckles. However, it's crucial to exfoliate with caution. You want to use gentle products that are not overly abrasive — too much exfoliation might lead to skin irritation, redness, and dryness, and will detract from your freckles.

It’s also imperative to regularly moisturize to help your skin stay balanced and healthy.

Oily skin types, or those in a particularly hot and humid climate, should consider the OIl-Free Moisturizer, while, for a step up in slightly more moisturizing properties, our Light Moisture Cream is the way to go. For the most intense dose of moisture and nourishment, those with dry skin will immediately feel refreshed with the Miracle Cream.

Everyone can benefit from an eye cream too, no matter their skin type. Ours is pillowy to the touch and provides a suitable, comfortable base for any color-correcting products.

A woman applying The Face Pencil by Jones Road

3) Spot conceal (but don’t cover up your freckles)

Even if you have no major skin conditions that contribute to discoloration, we’ve all dealt with hyperpigmentation from time to time. All hyperpigmentation is, it’s when an area of the skin becomes darker than the rest. It can happen easily, such as when your skin is recovering from an injury or fighting a blemish. (Freckles are also considered hyperpigmentation.)

Sensitive or fair skin can show redness or even under-eye circles easily so for your freckles to really take center stage, addressing the most tell-tale signs of discoloration—not your freckles— is a priority. 

If that’s the case, focus on spot concealing—taking care to only cover blemishes, redness, or additional evidence of hyperpigmentation.

This doesn’t require a heavy hand or heavy coverage; we recommend using The Face Pencil to target specific areas you want to neutralize. Remedy dark spots and dark circles with its undetectable coverage, without any chalky undertones or cakey texture.

Here are some tips on finding the right shade for you, but even easier: take this quick quiz to get expert recommendations. 

4) If you want additional coverage, keep it light. 

A nearly bare face that is well-nourished is a favorite of ours. The no-makeup makeup look suits all ages and while subtle, it’s especially striking on those with freckles.

With that in mind, we actually recommend skipping foundation altogether if your aim is to show off your freckles. 

If you do desire extra coverage, make sure the formulation you choose is sheer and buildable, like our tinted balm, What The Foundation. Creams or heavier products are great when you want to achieve full, or nearly full, coverage, but in this case, a lighter product is less likely to completely blot out your freckles. 

(But if you do opt for foundation, apply it first, before concealer so you’re less likely to overdo it on coverage.)

Instead of foundation, or even if you’re content with scarcely any coverage, our Miracle Balm is a perfect product to layer on. Light-reflecting and light, Miracle Balm perfects and enhances your skin with a wash of soft-focus moisture. It works beautifully solo or atop your color-correcting products. Answer a few simple questions to find the hue that is best for your skin tone.

A woman applying The Brow Gel by Jones Road Beauty

5) Define your eyes

Tidy brows and voluminous lashes are always a perfect addition to any look, and if you’re letting your freckles shine through, defined eyes especially strike a nice balance with your youthful, playful look. They add easy polish to a natural face and wake up your complexion. 

Simply fill in any patchy brows with The Brow Pencil, or layer in a uniform color with The Brow Gel to smooth out and unite stray hairs. 

Lastly, curl your lashes and then top with a swipe or two of our ultra-inky Mascara

Celebrate Your Natural Skin

Enhancing your freckles with makeup is about showcasing your individuality rather than concealing it. 

First it’s important to understand the role of skincare. The right skincare regimen can create an ideal canvas for your freckles to shine, promoting an even skin texture and a healthy, natural glow. 

You can emphasize their natural beauty by understanding a few simple principles—and skipping a complex, multi-step routine. Freckles are enviable; it’s time to embrace them.

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Diary / Beauty / Aug 28, 2023

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