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How To Apply Makeup for Different Eye Shapes

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Eyes are not just the windows to the soul. They’re the canvas for some of the most creative and personal expressions of beauty. 

Each type carries a unique story, from the almond-shaped eyes that hint at mystery to the expressive charm of round eyes. Whether you’re graced with wide-set eyes that offer a serene gaze or deep-set eyes that speak volumes without words, mastering the art of eye makeup is essential. 

We’ll delve into the nuances of working with various shapes. The goal is to enhance and accentuate, not change, the natural beauty of your eyes. Each eye shape, from downturned eyes to almond eyes, requires its own set of approaches so your expertly applied makeup doesn’t get lost or overpower your overall look. 

Whether you're aiming for a subtle day look or a dramatic smokey eye for the evening, this guide will help you navigate the path to applying the best makeup for your eyes.

Identifying Your Eye Shape

Recognizing your eye shape is the foundation upon which all great makeup looks are built. (Think of it like understanding your face shape before choosing a hairstyle.)  

For instance, the makeup approach for almond eyes differs vastly from that for round eyes. But how do you determine your eye shape? Step one: start with the basics—the visible crease. 

Does your eyelid have a defined crease? If so, you might have almond-shaped eyes or deep-set eyes. Next, observe the space between your brow bone and upper eyelid; this can also be a clue. For instance, you might have round or wide-set eyes if there's a significant space.

Additionally, consider the outer corners of your eyes. Do they turn upwards? If yes, then it’s likely you have upturned eyes (which can be beautifully accentuated with a flick of winged eyeliner). Or do they droop slightly? That might mean you have downturned eyes. 

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Before You Start: Some Prep Work

Any time you are applying eye makeup, there are a couple of things you should do to minimize the chance of accidentally accentuating under-eye circles. Some colors you apply to the lid may unintentionally draw out the blues and purples that naturally occur depending on your skin tone, or they may just seem more prominent after a sleepless night.

Even if under-eye circles aren’t a concern, these are still key steps to incorporate into your routine so your eye makeup can better support your overall look.

First, eye cream (like ours). The under-eye area is so delicate so keeping this consistently moisturized will help keep the darkness from appearing more evident. Gently pat on and let fully absorb.

From there, combat any evidence of circles by lightly applying The Neutralizer Pencil. This cancels out, or neutralizes, the under-eye darkness so you can apply your eye color more confidently. Lastly, add back in your natural skin tone with The Face Pencil

To find the best shades of The Neutralizer Pencil and The Face Pencil for your skin tone, we have a quiz

What Are the Different Eye Shapes?

Choosing the right makeup for your eye shape is like selecting the perfect outfit for an occasion — it should complement and enhance your natural features. Ultimately, the right products can make all the difference. 

Let's explore how to highlight the unique beauty of each eye shape.

Monolid Eyes

Monolid eyes, with their smooth and creaseless canvas, offer a unique opportunity for makeup exploration. This eye shape allows for bold and striking eyeliner styles and vibrant eyeshadow applications

For those with monolid eyes, playing with different textures and colors of eyeshadows, from matte to shimmer, can create a mesmerizing eye look. The key is to experiment with eyeliner and eyeshadow to add depth and dimension, making the most of the monolid's distinctive structure.

Monolid eyes offer a sleek canvas for bold makeup expressions. With its precise application, The Best Pencil is ideal for defining these eyes. Every color is rich, dense, and blendable. Smudging the liner, especially at the outer edges, can create a smokey eye effect, adding depth and drama. 

Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes means the eyelid is partially obscured by the brow bone. This creates a shadowed effect, which can be skillfully enhanced with makeup. 

The trick lies in using eyeshadow and eyeliner to bring out the hidden lid space, in essence faking a crease. The strategic application of lighter eyeshadow on the brow bone and darker shadow on the eyelid crease can create an illusion of depth, accentuating the hooded eyes gracefully without overpowering them. A strong eyeliner is also a must for further definition.

Using a matte eyeshadow shade like Smokey Grey can subtly enhance the eye's natural shape without making it look heavy. The blendable, buildable pigment gives the illusion of a more open eye, delicately accentuating your natural shape as you create depth. 

Round Eyes

Round eyes, characterized by their openness and the visible white around the iris, are a playground for makeup artists. When enhancing round eyes, the goal often involves creating an elongated effect to balance their circular shape. 

Techniques like extending eyeliner beyond the outer corner of the eye or applying darker shadow along the outer edges can create a subtle, elongating effect. This approach adds definition and character to the round eyes, emphasizing their enchanting shape.

Creating depth while maintaining the eye's natural shape is key. A shimmery wash of Just A Sec can illuminate your eyes, making them pop. 

Finish with The Mascara, applying a second (or third, depending on how dramatic you want to look; just take care to avoid clumping) coat on the top lashes to enhance their roundness and wide-eyed appearance. This approach brings a balance of light and shadow, emphasizing the round eyes' captivating charm.

Downturned Eyes

With their gentle droop at the outer corners, downturned eyes exude a soft and alluring appeal. The focus of makeup on downturned eyes is to create an uplifting illusion. 

Using eyeliner to draw a lifted wing—a very slight cat-eye—at the outer corner or applying mascara more heavily on the upper lash line can counteract the natural droop. The right makeup application will balance downturned eyes.

For downturned eyes, the goal is to create an uplifting effect. The Mascara is perfect for this task. 

Its curling and volumizing capabilities can counter the natural droop at the outer corners, giving your eyes a lifted, rejuvenated appearance. A few strategic strokes of mascara can transform downturned eyes, adding instant liveliness.

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Upturned Eyes

Upturned eyes evoke a classic cat-eye allure with their naturally lifted outer corners. This eye shape offers a fantastic base for experimenting with various winged eyeliner looks and smokey eyes. 

Makeup techniques that emphasize this natural lift, like a bold cat-eye or a smudge of dark eyeshadow at the outer corners, can enhance the upturned eye shape, adding drama and intensity. 

Upturned eyes are easily and subtly emphasized with The Best Pencil; while any of the highly pigmented options will suit, we definitely encourage experimentation with a non-neutral color like Ivy or Violet. Drawing a line along the upper lash line can accentuate their natural lift, enhancing the cat-eye effect. 

This simple yet effective approach underscores the allure of upturned eyes, making them look even more expressive and captivating.

Almond Eyes

Almond-shaped eyes are celebrated for their versatility in makeup application. With their visible crease and gently tapered ends, they are the perfect canvas for a range of makeup styles. 

The key to enhancing almond eyes lies in highlighting their natural shape, whether by defining the crease with a darker shadow or accentuating the outer corners with a pop of light eyeshadow. The possibilities are endless, making almond eyes a favorite among makeup enthusiasts.

Almond eyes are incredibly versatile and can carry a range of makeup looks with ease. Using The Best Eyeshadow in shades like Peachy Nude or Rose Gold allows for creating everything from a subtle day look to a dramatic smokey eye. 

Top this off with The Mascara to add definition and volume to your lashes, bringing attention to the elegant shape of almond eyes. This combination of eyeshadow and mascara works wonders in showcasing the natural beauty of almond eyes.

Eyes Wide Open

Grasping the nuances of your eye shape and applying the most flattering makeup techniques can indeed revolutionize your appearance. Each eye shape, with its unique characteristics—whether the graceful droop of downturned eyes, the intriguing depth of hooded eyes, or the captivating symmetry of almond eyes—holds the potential for stunning transformations through makeup. 

Whether it's by highlighting the visible crease of almond-shaped eyes, elongating round eyes with a stroke of eyeliner, or adding depth to monolid eyes with a smokey shadow, techniques like defining the waterline for upturned eyes or applying a lighter eyeshadow on the brow bone for hooded eyes can drastically enhance your eye look.

Whether you prefer a minimalist approach with light eyeshadow and a touch of mascara or a bold statement with dramatic smokey eyes and winged eyeliner, the choice reflects your personality. With the right makeup techniques, you can transform your eyes into mesmerizing features that enhance your natural beauty and boost your confidence.

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