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How To Look Your Best in Pictures

Written by: Piper Gray

Photography by: Ben Ritter

Model using Jones Road bronzer.

Stepping in front of the camera soon? If you have a big event or a professional obligation that requires you to put your most flawless face forward—and not only that, to have it documented—tensions can be high and the nerves can be frayed. 

Not to worry: Looking beautiful and natural in pictures is not the stressful undertaking it sounds like. With some advance preparation, a few simple tweaks, and—this is perhaps the most important—consistent routines, you will look your best in pictures, easily. And by “best” we do mean yourself, not an overly done-up version that looks unfamiliar and inauthentic.

We’ll go over easy-to-implement strategies about how to take your look to the next level so that you look like yourself but better. (Something we’re always about here at Jones Road.)

First, the Basics

What we’re about to say is hardly a revelation but even in its simplicity, it bears repeating. Get enough sleep. Drink enough water. Clean your face. Moisturize your skin. Wear sunscreen. And do all of this every day.

These tasks should be a part of your routine already, but if they aren’t, your skin will show it soon enough, even if you’re not prepping to be photographed. (But it’s true, the camera doesn’t lie.)

No matter how meticulously you apply your makeup, no matter how high-quality your products are—if you are not caring for yourself as you should, dull skin is sure to follow.

So start now, if you haven’t already. You may be surprised by how quickly these small routines can make a difference.

Stay Consistent

Busy schedules get the best of us, and it’s easy to let our best-laid plans falter. A good skincare routine—cleansing and moisturizing included—is integral to healthy skin, which is imperative for a flawless makeup look.

But it has to be routine. In other words, consistency is your best asset here.

And when a big event looms, it’s very tempting to try a new procedure or implement new products. Resist the impulse to make any changes, no matter how promising they may seem. 

It can be enticing but your skin may react poorly, especially if it’s sensitive or dry, or easily breaks out or shows signs of redness. 

Apply Your Makeup by Natural Light

Who among us hasn’t had to compromise and apply their makeup under the glare of a harsh overhead light in a pinch? It can be done, but before a photo shoot? Find natural light and put on your makeup there.

This is especially important if the photo shoot is outside; the light and conditions will be the same so you’ll get an accurate read on how your products will show up on camera.

Make Sure Your Face Is Powdered

Powdering your face before you step in front of the camera is super important. Not everyone likes powder, we get it—it can look so obvious and cakey. But that’s why we created Tinted Face Powder. It’s light and imperceptible, just what you need to set your foundational products and take down shine.

Because even if your face isn’t oily, it’s almost certain that the flash of the camera will reflect and make you look shiny. 

Take a quick quiz to find the best color for you. 

Model holding Jones Road blush.

Tame Your Brows

Tweeze, trim, define. Easy as that. Especially if your brows are on the thicker side, you’ll be glad you tidied them up so you’re not fussing over stray hairs in front of the camera.

Even if you take a largely hands-off approach and don’t ever use a pencil, consider smoothing and lightly shaping with a quick swipe of The Brow Gel in Clear

Wear More Blush Than You Think

Adding color to your cheeks will prevent you from looking washed out by the flash of the camera. So this is the time when you want to wear a tad more blush than you usually do for the day-to-day.

Make sure it’s blended though. Just use whatever What The Foundation is left on your brush and work it into your skin on top of where you put the blush. This will take down some of the color.

Don’t Skip the Eyeliner

Even if it’s not an everyday staple of yours, eyeliner is a must for these occasions. It defines the eye, lends you some energy, and brightens up your face.

It doesn’t have to be dramatic, just a simple line with an eyeliner pencil. Look no further than The Best Pencil in Black or Brown

To ensure your liner stays in place, first check that your eyelids are neither dry nor oily. Dry? Add a bit of Eye Cream to prevent the eyeliner and any eyeshadow from catching and flaking. Oily? Dust on a light layer of The Best Eyeshadow in Cream first.

Add More Mascara

As simple as that. This is not the moment to skimp on mascara—add another layer or two. 

Take care that it doesn’t clump or smudge; you want just enough definition and color that your lashes won’t get lost in the photo. 

Always Use Something on Your Lips

Are you sensing a theme here? Basically, when you’re being photographed, get comfortable wearing a little more makeup than you may be used to.

Even if it’s simple, colorless gloss (like, say, our Cool Gloss in Clear), add a bit to bring out your lips’ moisturized texture.

To maximize a healthy appearance, gently exfoliate your lips beforehand. No need for a specialty exfoliant; with a damp washcloth, lightly wipe it across your mouth to remove any flakes or signs or dryness. Finish up with a balm or other nourishing product, letting it fully absorb before putting on your color or gloss. 

Model holding Jones Road product.

Take a Test Photo

When you get to the location of the shoot, once the camera equipment has been set up, ask to take a quick photo.

It’ll be immediately evident if you need to touch anything up. The snapshot will reveal if you’re shiny in some spots, flat in others, or could use more definition and warmth.

Bring a Touch-Up Kit

Now that you’ve seen how you’re going to look when it’s time to take the official photos, you may want to make some on-the-go adjustments or fixes.

Even if your makeup was flawless when you left the house, you may have blown your nose en route to the shoot and you’re looking a little red now. Or if you’re at a celebration and have been eating, your lip color could use a refresh. Lots of things can happen, not even catastrophes, so you’ll be glad you brought some products—not every single one—with you.

Here’s what we recommend keeping on hand:


Now that you’re armed with all these tips, hopefully you’re feeling more confident about your next photographed occasion. 

With some prep work, planning, and the right products, you’ll easily look like your best self in front of the camera. 

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Diary / Beauty / Jan 16, 2024

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