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How To Use an Eyelash Curler: Step-by-Step

Written by: Jones Road Beauty

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While it’s important to consistently employ the right skincare routine and choose the right makeup products, your ideal look is also about the tools and techniques that bring out your best features. One such underrated hero in our makeup arsenal is the eyelash curler. When used correctly, this simple tool can redefine your look in a subtle yet impactful way. 

It opens up your eyes by lifting and curling your lashes, making them appear larger and more vibrant. (You’ll automatically look more awake and put-together, too.) It's a small step in your beauty routine with the potential for a big payoff—enhancing your natural allure without overdoing it.

Why Curl Your Eyelashes?

Curling your eyelashes might seem like an extra step, but its benefits are undeniable:

  • -Opens Up the Eyes: Curled lashes instantly make the eyes appear wider and more awake.

  • -Enhances Mascara Application: A curl provides the perfect base for your mascara, helping to coat each lash evenly and prevent clumping.

  • -Complements Eye Shapes: Properly curled lashes can flatter various eye shapes, accentuating your natural eye contour without overwhelming it.

  • -Boosts the Overall Look: Curled lashes add a finishing touch to your makeup, bringing a polished and refined look that's noticeable yet understated.

How Do I Choose the Right Eyelash Curler?

Finding the right eyelash curler is key to achieving the best curl without damaging your lashes:

  • -Metal Eyelash Curlers: Metal is the classic choice for precision. These curlers tend to be ideal for achieving a firm, lasting curl. They are suitable for most eye shapes, offering control and durability.

  • -Plastic Eyelash Curlers: This is a lightweight option that's great for those who are new to curling or for touch-ups on the go. 

  • -Heated Eyelash Curlers: These use gentle heat to create a natural-looking curl, especially effective for lashes that are resistant to traditional curling methods.

When choosing your tool, consider the shape of your eyes. A wider curve is better for broad eye shapes, while a tighter curve suits more almond-shaped eyes. Remember, the goal is to enhance your eyes' natural shape, not work against it.

How Do I Prep My Lashes for Curling?

The foundation of any great eyelash curling session lies in the preparation, which also preserves the health of your lashes.

  • -Clean Thoroughly: Use our Cleansing Stick to clean your lashes when you wash your face. This will remove any mascara or residue that could hinder the curling process.

  • -Gently Dry: Pat your lashes completely dry with a soft towel and avoid rubbing, as this can cause damage. Even a slight dampness can prevent them from holding the curl effectively.

  • -No Mascara…Yet: Just wait. Apply mascara after you curl. Otherwise, the curler may stick to the mascara and remove some lashes. 

A Step-by-Step Guide to Curling Your Lashes

For a flawless lash curl, follow these steps:

1. Position Carefully: Place your lashes between the curler pads. Aim to get as close to the lash line as possible without pinching your skin.

2. Squeeze: Gently press the curler handles together. Hold for about five to 10 seconds, but avoid pulling, tugging, or wiggling.

3. Curl in Sections: To achieve a natural-looking curl, slightly release the curler, move it up the lash a bit, and clamp down again. Repeat until you reach the tips of your lashes.

4. Repeat on the Other Eye: Ensure symmetry by curling your other set of lashes with the same care and attention.

Remember, gentle pressure is key. It's about enhancing, not forcing the lashes into shape.

Maximizing Your Lash Curl

Maintaining your lash curl throughout the day can be achieved with a few simple tips:

  • -Choose the Right Mascara: Apply your beloved mascara as usual—one coat for subtle definition, or another for extra oomph. 

  • -Avoid Heavy Products: Steer clear of too many coats of mascara though, as this can weigh down your lashes and undo your curl.

  • -Re-Curl if Necessary: For an extra lift, you can gently re-curl your lashes after the mascara has dried. Be extra gentle to avoid breaking your lashes.

With these tips, your lashes can maintain their curl, adding a bright, open look to your eyes throughout the day.

How Do I Take Care of My Eyelash Curler?

Maintaining your eyelash curler is just as important as using it correctly. Here’s how to keep your tool in top shape:

  • -Regular Cleaning: Wipe the curler after each use with a soft, dry cloth to remove any mascara residue or natural oils from your lashes.

  • -Rubber Pad Replacement: If you’re using the curler frequently, the rubber pad on your curler should be replaced every three to four months to ensure a gentle and effective curl.

  • -Check for Wear and Tear: Periodically inspect your curler for any signs of damage. A worn or damaged curler can not only be less effective but can also harm your lashes.

The Bottom Line

Mastering the use of an eyelash curler can open up a world of possibilities for your makeup routine. With the right preparation, technique, and maintenance, this simple tool—that takes no time at all to master—can dramatically enhance the natural beauty of your eyes, lending a polished and refined touch to your overall look. 

At Jones Road Beauty, we celebrate the art of minimal yet impactful makeup, and the eyelash curler perfectly embodies this spirit. We invite you to explore our range of clean, high-quality beauty products designed to complement your newfound curling skills. 

Step into a world where your natural beauty is not just preserved but spotlighted, with each curl and each lash. Rediscover the joy of makeup with Jones Road Beauty — where simplicity meets sophistication.

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Diary / Beauty / May 20, 2024

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