Diary / Beauty / Jun 15, 2023

Introducing: Gel Bronzer

Written by: Bobbi

Photography by: Ben Ritter & Jon Paterson

Gel Bronzer by Jones Road Beauty


I first discovered Gel Bronzer through my Dad. Even though my mother has always been my inspiration for makeup— my Dad has actually been using Gel Bronzer for as long as I can remember.

Bobbi's dad

I never knew that he wore it, it never looked like he had makeup on his face, but he discovered it somehow. He would put it on his palms, on his face, and it looked like he had a forever tan, never fake or orange. I wanted to bring Gel Bronzer back because I personally like to use it when I'm on vacation, when I don't want any shine, shimmer, or glisten— just a little bit of a sun tan look.

Bobbi with her family

I love the 70’s look of the iconic models Lauren Hutton and Margot Hemingway. I think of a white button-down shirt, some really cool jewelry, and a natural tan that doesn't look like makeup. 

Gel Bronzer mood board


This formula is really unique because you do have a few seconds of play time to blend it in, where other formulas need to be instantly blended or it will stain where you put it on your face or your fingers. With this Gel Bronzer, you have a moment to blend it.

model holding Jones Road Beauty's Gel Bronzer

It comes in three shades and can be worn on bare skin or to enhance or deepen a foundation. It can be used on your face, on your neck, and some women even use it on their legs—when they’re wearing shorts for the first time out in the Summer. You can mix it with a moisturizer, apply directly onto your face, or on top of your foundation. It’s really great for an oilier complexion and it works with moisturizer for a dryer complexion.

model holding Jones Road Beauty's Gel Bronzer


The best way to apply the Gel Bronzer is to squeeze the drops onto your fingers, blend it together with your fingertips on both hands, and start on the cheeks where the sun naturally hits your face. Put a little on your nose, and if there’s some leftover, blend onto your forehead . You can also add more, as desired. It’s an alternative to a bronzing powder— it may be overkill to do both. Sometimes you want a powder alternative and this Gel Bronzer is a super sheer look, that can be layered. The formula is very versatile and you can make it work for you. The trick is to do a little bit at a time.

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Diary / Beauty / Jun 15, 2023

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