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Curated: Bobbi Brown's Favorite Food Hacks

Written by: Bobbi

My philosophy when it comes to wellness and diet is intuition. It’s about doing what works for you, not what works for someone else. That means eating what feeds your body and tastes good, and paying attention to what doesn’t. I wanted to share a few of my go-to foods that keep me feeling my best. What’s on your list?

Seed & Mill Tahini

It’s crazy how something so simple can be so good. This delicious tahini is made with just one ingredient: roasted sesame seeds. Use it as a dip, a spread, a dressing or add it to a batch of cookies or brownies. It’s packed with flavor, plus important vitamins and minerals.

GG Crackers

I love these low-carb, high-fiber crackers as a snack topped with hummus and veggies or as part of a meal. They keep you full in the best way.

Trader Joe’s Everything But the Bagel Seasoning

I know I’m not alone in singing the praises of this savory spice blend of sesame seeds, poppy seeds, salt, dried onion and dried garlic. It tastes just like your favorite bagel topping. Once you start using it, you’ll find you want it add it to everything. Truly addicting.

Hu Kitchen Chocolate

When I’m in the mood for a sweet treat, I reach for a Hu Kitchen chocolate bar. Made without added sugars, soy, gluten or dairy, a square from one of these rich bars is so satisfying.

Santa Cruz Pure Lemon Juice

One of my tricks for drinking more water is adding some fresh lemon juice. This pure lemon juice is my go-to. I have the entire office hooked on it.

Haven’s Kitchen Red Pepper Romesco Sauce

Created by my friend Alison Cayne, the founder of Haven’s Kitchen, this sauce is made with almonds and three different peppers and it’s so good. You can add it to tomato sauce, drizzle it on meat and veggies, or use it as a dip.

Nori Sheets

I love using these nori sheets as sandwich wraps. I add mustard, cucumber, and sometimes a slice of cheese. The perfect snack

Trader Joe’s Unsweetened Cranberry Juice

I love adding unsweetened cranberry juice to water along with some lemon and stevia to make a sugar-free cranberry lemonade.

Keto Bread by Base Culture

This 100% paleo, grain free, dairy free, and soy free bread is amazing. It toasts great and tastes like real bread.

Diary / Justbobbi / Sep 26, 2022

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