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Talking Clean Beauty with Makeup Artist Rose Marie Swift

Written by: Alexandra Perron, Managing Editor

Rose Marie Swift is a beauty industry icon. After working for years as a makeup artist in New York City (with women like Gisele Bündchen and Mirand Kerr), she took clean beauty to the next level with her collection rms beauty. Her cream-based products are free from harsh chemicals and infused with powerful, healing ingredients like coconut oil and rosehip oil. And she's been on a mission to create a cleaner beauty industry. Here, Rose Marie talks about her big break, what fuels her, and her beauty must-haves.

The Start:

As a makeup artist, I have learned a lot about the impact of daily exposure to chemicals in beauty products. I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t live up to its promises. I saw the results of taking a quick-fix approach to looking good and I know first-hand about the price our health can pay in the pursuit of beauty. After over 30 years in the industry and having some serious health issues myself I created a website back in 2004 called www.beautytruth.com, exposing some of the myths and untruths in the beauty industry. I received positive media feedback and was continually asked what brands I would recommend. Well, that was what made me realize I was being guided to create something unique that I truly envisioned and believed in. I realized that what women need is a cosmetics line that is as pure as possible, with incredible formulas that deliver the quality that is expected not just in the beauty and fashion world but to the individual and unique woman, without having to sacrifice a solid healthy foundation for anti-aging and long-term beauty. Women have the right to be able to purchase a clean healthy product and not be judged as different or rebellious. I have led my life since childhood in a clean healthy manner and that message is my life’s mission.

Big Break:

Mickey Drexler of J. Crew fame took on a curated selection of RMS Beauty for all of the J. Crew stores. That made a huge splash in the industry and basically brought the idea of curated beauty in retail fashion to life.

Leaving Out:

[We leave out] dead synthetic chemicals — they have no synergistic life force energy with living skin. I formulate with clean and healthy simplicity.

Personal Favorite Products:

My rms beauty oil is my #1 favorite beauty product. I use it day and night and it is the only “skin care” product that I put on daily. I never leave the house without my signature “rms red” lipstick - the color is so rich and perfect in every way: formula, performance, payoff, purity, and the list goes on. I take my rms beauty within probiotic + prebiotic twice a day along with an rms beauty within digestive enzyme with every meal. The skin is the mirror to the gut and healthy glowing skin starts from the inside. And last but not least my cult hero product, the rms Living Luminizer. Nothing beats it for a natural and refined luminosity.

Wellness/Beauty Philosophy:

Less is more. We are literally stripping our skin and overexposing it to so many undesirables.


Information. I am like a curiously mad scientist that needs to know everything and why.

Strength Training:

Stairs and escalators. I always run up 2 steps at a time no matter where I am. Yes, I am not known for wearing high heels.

Wellness musts:

Green juices, fasting, magnesium, and chlorella tablets. I like to throw in the odd massage and shiatsu treatment as well.

Beauty go-to's:

My beauty treatments are always from the inside out. Fasting gives life to the skin and eyes. Green juicing (for vitamins and antioxidants) and minerals because we are all lacking in them (mostly magnesium) are essential. I am a huge fan of raw foods and vegetables. Being vegan isn’t worth anything if you aren’t eating tons of vegetables. I find all of the above to be key for gorgeous vibrant skin. Some sun doesn’t hurt either. I feel very solar powered so being outdoors in the fresh sunlight helps me in so many ways.

Words of wisdom:

Listen to your intuition.

Business Mantra/Personal Mantra:

Fight for what your heart wants.

Future Goals:

Figuring out how to help clean up the disastrous environment we live in.

Currently working on:

Lots. I have so many exciting launches that I’m busy perfecting. I spent four years formulating my Wild with Desire lipstick collection and I put the same attention into every formula, every shade, every rms product. Expect more from me than ever before!

Diary / Justbobbi / Sep 26, 2022

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