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Curated by Bobbi: Under $10 Summer Favorites

Written by: Bobbi

During the summer, I love spending time with friends and family, being out in the Hamptons on the weekend and traveling to new places. These products, all under $10, are my must-haves for a breezy summer.

Stasher Silicone Snack Bag

Stashers are washable, reusable and colorful. I’m the Ziplock queen, and these are much better for the environment. They also keep me organized, especially when I travel. I stick everything from my vitamins to my jewelry in them.

EVOLUTION_18 Beauty Gummy

The gummy is an easy way to get your beauty vitamins in. It’s packed with biotin — 30,000% of the daily requirement — for thicker, healthier hair and shinier nails. Plus, it’s berry flavored and tastes delicious.

Now Foods Apricot Oil

For some reason, I’ve found that apricot oil hydrates your skin better than any other oil. I found this brand at Whole Foods and use it on my face and body.

The Laundress Crease Release

This is a must-have for travel. It saves you so much money on the hotel dry cleaner and eliminates the need for an ironing board. You just give your clothes a sprtiz and it works really well. It also smells lovely.

Ouai Condom Hair Ties

These ties hold your hair without tearing it out. And as the name suggests, they don’t break.

EO Organic Hand Sanitizer Spray

I love this refreshing peppermint hand sanitizer spray. It’s made with peppermint essential oil and other natural ingredients. There are no harmful chemicals and it won’t dry out your hands.

Siete Lime Grain-Free Tortilla Chips

These chips are grain free and made from cassava flour, avocado oil, coconut flour and ground chia seeds. I could easily eat a whole bag, but I try not to.

Flamingo Razor

This razor is designed for women, so it’s made to get around your knees and curves. It’s well-engineered with blades from Germany and an ergonomic handle with a rubber grip so it doesn’t go flying out of your hands in the shower.

Knock Knock “Pack This!” Note Pad

I always forget things so this readymade checklist is perfect. I use it to pack and make sure I have all of the essentials. It saves me from myself.

Poppin Pens

I love the simple, modern design of these pens. They look great in the pen cup on my desk. But it’s mostly about the way they write — they glide smoothly on the page.

Supergoop! Everyday Sunscreen

The best sunscreen for everyday. I always keep it in my bag so I can reapply on arms and hands during the day.

Vaseline Lip Therapy

Avoid chapped lips with this classic tin. I love the light tint of this rose shade.

Diary / Lifestyle / Sep 26, 2022

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