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One Kings Lane's Susan Feldman is the Queen of New Beginnings

Written by: Bobbi

Susan Feldman is an age-defying entrepreneur who caters to age-defying women. She worked in retail for over two decades, holding executive roles for Ralph Lauren, Polo and Liz Clairborne before deciding to try her hand at entrepreneurship. At a point in life when most people would be eyeing retirement, Susan co-founded One Kings Lane, a popular home decor and luxury site that eventually sold to Bed, Bath & Beyond. Her newest venture is Get in the Groove, a new life-style destination for age-defying women. We talked about career, aging and how to empower women on the latest episode of Long Story Short — listen here.


The lines are pretty blurred at this point — no one feels their age. Yet women in this demographic (70-80) feel invisible and they use this word all the time. I think what happens as you start to get older is that the world is moving very quickly and if you don’t keep up with it, it just gets further and further away from you to the point then you can’t even speak the language. They’re speaking Greek over there and you’re speaking English and you’re like I have no idea what’s going on and then you just feel out of it. So hopefully, with In the Groove, we’re bringing information in a fun, easy to digest way — you know the latest shoe, what are these acronyms your kids are using when they’re texting you, what are some things you can do when you’re going through menopause. We really focus on fashion, beauty and wellness.


In today’s world, if I find something that I like and I look good in, that’s all I need. I don’t need a lot of stuff anymore. You need to find whatever it is that you like and have it in your closet. For me it might be a black dress that’s perfect so it’s easy, I just pull it out and I know what shoes I wear with it and you can change the accessories.


Tip 1: I say this all the time, stay focused and keep it really simple. We live in a crazy world today and people are just moving way too fast to have things be complicated.

Tip 2: Less is more. It carries through the theme of business and personal and how you live... As you get older, you’re not going to want to wear more makeup, you want to wear less makeup and it feels actually kinda good and it looks better. Stay focused, keep it simple, and less is more.

Diary / Lifestyle / Sep 26, 2022

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