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From Bobbi's Desk: Giving Back

Written by: Bobbi

With Thanksgiving right around the corner (I know, too soon), I always take a pause during this time of the year to reflect. While it’s a time for food, family and celebration, it’s also a reminder that giving to others can — and should — happen throughout the year.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot over the last two months as we welcomed the Wright family into our home. In early September, Hurricane Dorian hit the Bahamas and this family lost everything.

My love of the Bahamas is not a secret. My family has been going there for the last 15+ years. When we first started visiting we’d stay on different islands and hotels, always looking for the favorite spot. A friend recommended we try Bakers Bay in the Sea of Abaco. We were smitten and chose to build our dream vacation house on the island.

We fell in love with the aqua waters and white sand beaches. We loved the relaxed vibe — it’s a place where you can golf barefoot with your dog in tow. But mostly, we loved the people who worked there. Each time we returned to our community, we’d get updates on the island happenings, but also on what was happening in their own lives, with their families and kids. And there were always hugs and kisses welcoming us back.

Hurricane Dorian, a category five storm, pounded the area for over 40 hours in early September. Marsh Harbour, where most of the employees of Baker’s Bay live, was completely destroyed. Homes, cars, computers — everything was gone. When we saw the situation that so many of our dear friends were in, we knew we had to do something. We invited the Wright family (all 15 of them) to stay with us in Montclair while they made plans to rebuild in the Bahamas.

Over the last two months, these friends have become family and it has been the coolest experience getting to know them. We’ve been touched by our community both local and wide who have reached out and offered to help the Wrights — everyone from our favorite local eateries here in Montclair, to Carol's Daughter sending shampoo and conditioner, Lord & Taylor providing winter coats, Under Armour offering thermals, and Fitbit giving the family the opportunity to keep track of time and exercise. However you helped, we can’t thank you all enough for your support.

I hope that everyone can take some time this month, and in the months to follow, to find a way to give back to their friends, their neighborhood and their community. Even a small gesture (like helping someone with their groceries or holding the door open for someone) can go a long way.



Diary / Lifestyle / Sep 26, 2022

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