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6 Winter Makeup Looks To Try This Year

Written by: Piper Gray

Photography by: Ben Ritter

Model for Jones Road Beauty.

Winter brings cozy comforts, and—at times—dry skin and parched lips. But if you stick to your moisturizing routines and keep distressed complexion at bay, it's the perfect time to embrace a vivid, dramatic look.

Think: smoldering eyes, rich lips, glowy and rosy complexions—there's a lot to play up this season. Crisp air and the softer, diffused light of winter invite you to experiment in ways you wouldn't during the sun-drenched days of summer. 

Let's go through a few ideas to inspire your next winter makeup look.

Above, Andressa wears:

  • Model for Jones Road Beauty

1. Lightly Luminous

It’s only natural that you may be feeling a bit washed-out with the colder weather and days that darken earlier.

To this we say: Embrace it. This look welcomes fair tones, and elevates it with a youthful, sophisticated shimmer.

For a glowy approach, it’s especially important to tackle any signs of dry skin. A textured, flaky complexion can be at odds with a shimmer, leading to cakiness and an uneven appearance.

To get smooth, nourished skin, make sure you’re staying consistently hydrated and start every day with moisturizer (of course). 

From there, Miracle Balm will be your primary product. Wear it to bronze, highlight, or tint the skin—alone or on top of your The Face Pencil and/or What The Foundation

A small amount tapped onto the high points of your face—cheekbones, brow bones, and down the bridge of your nose—will level up your complexion. Here it’s paired with Lip and Cheek Stick for extra color payoff. 

Finish it off with a soft, shimmery eye to accentuate the glow without overshadowing it. 

Haejin is wearing:

Model holding Jones Road Beauty gel bronzer.

2. Warm It Up

On the other end of the spectrum, this one is all about bronzed warmth, mimicking a back-from-the-beach look. Avoid a wintry washout and make bronzer the key addition to your look. 

First, touch up any hyperpigmentation or blemishes with The Face Pencil (remember: it’s a good idea to keep two on hand, one for redness and a lighter option for under the eyes). 

Our lightweight Gel Bronzer won’t weigh you down as you add back warmth. Unlike many bronzers, its sheer formulation effortlessly grants a natural, sun-kissed effect.

When applying Gel Bronzer, focus on the areas where the sun would naturally reach your face: cheeks, nose, and forehead. The texture of the bronzer makes it incredibly easy to blend, giving you control over the intensity of your application. 

Tie it all together with a light dusting of Tinted Face Powder to minimize shine and add in a final topping of warming color.

A simple application of black eyeliner and clear gloss ramp up the sophistication, keeping it practical but still polished.

Flaviana is wearing:

  • - The Face Pencil in Shade 18 (under eyes) and Shades 21 and 22 (face)
  • - Tinted Face Powder in Dark
  • - Gel Bronzer in Dark
  • - The Best Pencil in Black
  • - Cool Gloss in Original
Model holding Jones Road Beauty blush.

3. Rosy Radiance 

This one is about deliberately flushed cheeks for a just-stepped-in-from-the-cold appearance. 

Whether you seek a soft, natural blush or a more vivid pop of color, The Best Blush is your go-to for achieving this look. (If you’re not sure of which color to start with, here are some tips to get you started.)

While the cheeks should stand out, take care to not over-apply the color. The aim is subtle but vibrant—you want to avoid looking stained or even feverish. Use The Blush Brush to judiciously and precisely top your cheekbones with an even swath of color.

Pair with a complementary lip color—like one of the 13 shades of our Lip Tint—to warm up your look even more and add a moisturized glow.

A swipe of inky mascara energizes the eyes to solidify your youthful, healthy appearance.

Gillean is wearing:

Jones Road Beauty model

4. The Smoldering Stare

A smokey eye? The impact can not be overstated. Sometimes the simplest look is the most striking. For this look, everything else stays muted and subtle so the eyes remain the star of the show.

In this approach, the combination of dark, dimensional eyeshadow and a well-nourished, lightly illuminated complexion is the picture of harmonious hues, an easily achieved balance that carries over to the night beautifully. 

Central to achieving this look is The Best Eyeshadow, a versatile product that gives you an arsenal of choices to play with. Start with a neutral base for a sultry look, perhaps a matte taupe or soft beige. 

Smooth transitions between shades will create a more polished look, so don't skimp on blending. Use our Eye Fluffy Brush for depositing color on the lids and the Eye Blending Brush to blend in the crease. 

Given the intensity of the eyes, the rest of your makeup should play a supporting role. Think, simply, a touch of color and highlight on the cheeks and lips.

Carly is wearing:

  • Model using Jones Road Beauty lip liner.

5. Go Big and Bold

Now’s the time to try a dark lip. In this case, more (color) is more (impact)—and it’s an appealing, easy look for anyone to try, even those who are skittish about a dialed-up lip.

When you opt for a rich color, longevity and definition are your aims here. One, who wants to worry about touching up smudges or reapplying a fresh coat? And two, there are fewer looks more arresting than an immaculate lip.

(If you need help picking out a color, here’s our guide to popular lip colors by undertone. Start there.)

For a seamless, natural effect, start by lining the contours of your lips with light, feathered strokes using our Lip Pencil.  Once the outline is in place, fill in the lips using the side of the pencil. To keep the look matte, just stick to The Lip Pencil; but for extra vitality, top with The Lip Tint in a corresponding color and/or Cool Gloss for shine.

Filled-in brows and a lightly lined eye ensure a classic look that’s romantic and superb for your biggest night out this season.

Nancy is wearing:

Model using Jones Road Beauty products.

6. Bare It

No-makeup makeup—lightly corrected face, defined brows, a subtle color on the lips—suits all seasons, but it is especially welcome in winter, when it’s easy to harness the urge to simplify and focus on what’s essential. 

A pared-down face especially relies on a healthy complexion, which sometimes feels elusive among the dropping temperatures. Take care to routinely cleanse and moisturize—we know, we’re repeating ourselves—and, if needed, exfoliate. A smooth texture is imperative for your innate warmth to shine through with a no-makeup makeup approach.

For this look, we are first focusing on touching up any signs of redness and evening out variations in skin tone. From there, line and fill in the brows as needed, and if you like, add back in some warmth to the cheek. (We’ve opted to use The Bronzer as a blush.) 

Constanze is wearing

The Bottom Line

Don’t let the icy chills and dry skin of winter deter you from experimenting and embracing a new approach to makeup. 

If you get ahead of skin stressors and follow your routines, then you can enjoy a healthy complexion year-round and focus your energy on playing up your features and exploring new looks that fully embrace the cozy comforts of the season.

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